Sam Lee

11 December 2015

I have recently started my first rotation in the Competition Group working on the Business Connectivity Market Review.

At this stage you may have applied, or are considering applying for a role as an Economist. I'd like to let you know what you're in for.

First, a little bit about me. I studied Economics at Bath on a four year course, with a one year placement working in Business Strategy at Microsoft. I applied for Ofcom as I was interested in the prospect of becoming an Economist in an environment where real life problems are solved using the tools and methods picked up at university.

The process

The process itself was relatively straight forward. Ofcom understands that as final year students it is difficult to manage exams, coursework and study with applying for jobs. I was asked to perform one online test and after I passed it I was then given an essay question to complete in my own time and it was then on to the assessment centre. This consisted of a competency based interview, a technical interview (a chance to show off my economics), a drafting exercise and a presentation - none of which involved interacting with others in a 'group exercise' type scenario - no one likes these.

Shortly after the assessment centre you will receive constructive feedback from Ofcom, whether successful or not. If you are successful HR will keep you informed right up until the date you start.


  • Be aware of Ofcom's values and how you can apply them to your own experiences
  • Although you won't be asked any highly technical Industrial Organisation or Advanced Microeconomics in the interview, make sure you are comfortable with the Microeconomics in relation to regulation- the key points and back them up intuitive explanations.
  • Think about what Ofcom do, who Ofcom represents and why Ofcom exists.
  • Enjoy the process and learn from the experience - use interviews as an opportunity to ask questions about anything you find particularly interesting.

Now that you're prepared, what are you waiting for? Apply now!