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Competition Policy

Competition is important in the fast-moving communications industries, and Ofcom shapes the rules of competition to make communications work for everyone.

We are involved in projects across the telecoms, post and broadcasting sectors.

  • Setting the rules of competition has encouraged investment in superfast broadband over the past ten years. As customers’ needs and technologies evolve, so does the role of competition, and we are developing competition rules to encourage investment in new technologies such as full fibre.
  • We regularly review telecoms markets to ensure the rules remain appropriate as technology and customer needs change, removing regulation where it is no longer needed.
  • We periodically review the regulatory framework for postal services to ensure that regulation of Royal Mail and other postal operators remains fit for purpose and secures the continued provision of a financially sustainable and efficient universal service that meets consumers’ needs.
  • We regularly monitor the pay-TV sector to track consumer outcomes and consider if there are competition concerns that require regulatory action.
  • We work with Ofcom’s content policy group to ensure that the regulation of the BBC’s impact on competing broadcasters and other media organisations is enforced and remains appropriate.

Competition policymakers bring together different perspectives from external stakeholders and specialists such as lawyers, engineers, and economists, to unpack complex problems and build policy solutions.

There is a variety of roles within competition policy. We gather and analyse information, manage external and internal stakeholder relationships, and deliver large and often complex projects. Some of us come from technical backgrounds and provide technical input on competition projects.

Competition policymakers have the opportunity to work across policy roles and industry sectors, or to specialise in particular roles or sectors. There is a wide range of different career paths for policymakers within Ofcom. We need a team of people from different backgrounds to help deliver better outcomes for consumers and businesses in the UK.