Defnyddio newyddion yn y DU - adroddiadau

16 Rhagfyr 2015

Nod y gyfres hon o adroddiadau yw i gyfrannu at ddealltwriaeth o ddefnydd newyddion ar draws y DU ac o fewn pob cenedl. Cyhoeddir y darganfyddiadau fel rhan o amrywiaeth o gyhoeddiadau ymchwil i'r farchnad sy'n archwilio defnydd pobl o newyddion a'u hagweddau tuag at wahanol gynnwys ar wahanol blatfformau.  Mae'r cynnwys isod ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.


This report provides the findings of Ofcom’s 2018 research into news consumption across television, radio, print and online. It is published as part of our range of market research reports which examine the consumption of content, and attitudes towards that content, across different platforms.

The aim of this slide pack report is to inform an understanding of news consumption across the UK and within each UK nation. This includes sources and platforms used,  the perceived importance of different outlets for news, attitudes to individual news sources, local news use and news consumption in the nations.

The primary source is Ofcom’s News Consumption Survey. The report also contains information from our Media Tracker survey, and a range of industry currencies including BARB for television viewing, Touchpoints for national newspaper readership, ABC for newspaper circulation, and comScore for online consumption.

Please note, because of changes we have made to the 2018 News Consumption Survey methodology, it is not possible to make direct comparisons to previous data. Further detail on how and why we changed the methodology can be found on slide 143 of the report.

News consumption in the UK: 2018 report (PDF, 2.6 MB)

News consumption in the UK: 2018 data tables (XLSX, 18.2 MB)

News consumption in the UK: 2018 questionnaire (PDF, 2.1 MB)

News consumption in the UK: 2018 raw data

News consumption in the UK: 2018 technical report (PDF, 183.3 KB)