Responding in British Sign Language (BSL)

08 July 2020

Ofcom is carrying out a second consultation (PDF, 1023.9 KB) on how on-demand services should be made accessible, to help us to make recommendations to Government. These videos give a summary of our proposals on areas where we particularly want to hear from sign-language users.

1. Introduction

2. Signing

3. Targets

4. Exemptions

You can also read a transcript (PDF, 149.6 KB) of the videos.

How to respond

We want to hear what you think. To respond in BSL:

  • send us a video of you signing your response (up to five minutes); or
  • upload a video of you signing your response to YouTube (or another video hosting platform) and send us a link.

The email address is The closing date for responses is 16 September 2020.

If you have any questions please get in touch with us. You can call us via text relay on 020 7783 4079, or via video relay.