Investigation into Virgin Media's compliance with contract termination and complaints handling rules

Cyhoeddwyd: 25 Gorffennaf 2023
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VMED O2 UK Limited (trading as Virgin Media)

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13 Gorffennaf 2023


We are investigating Virgin Media’s compliance with Ofcom rules relating to contract termination and complaints handling/facilitating appropriate access to ADR during 2022/23.

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General Conditions C1.8 and C4

Opening text – 13 July 2023

Ofcom has today opened an own-initiative investigation into Virgin Media’s compliance with its contract termination and complaints handling/facilitating appropriate access to ADR obligations during 2022/23, following complaints received from consumers.

Our rules require that Virgin Media must ensure that conditions or procedures for contract termination do not act as disincentives for customers against changing their communications provider.

Ofcom rules also require that Virgin Media have and comply with procedures for the handling of customer complaints that conform with General Condition C4 and the Ofcom Approved Complaints code.

Ofcom takes these obligations very seriously. Customers need to be able to make the right decision for them, which includes switching away from their provider without experiencing difficulties in cancelling. It is particularly important that customers can express their dissatisfaction and have their complaint handled appropriately, in accordance with Ofcom rules. Ofcom’s investigation will examine whether there are reasonable grounds for believing that Virgin Media has failed to comply with these obligations.


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