Guidance on EMF compliance and enforcement

11 March 2021

Licensees will be required to take into account Ofcom’s Guidance on EMF Compliance and Enforcement when evaluating their compliance with the EMF licence condition. Our guidance includes information on:

  • what we mean by members of the general public and the areas in which licensees need to ensure the ICNIRP general public limits are not breached;
  • the methods licensees may use to assess compliance;
  • the records a licensee should keep in order to demonstrate compliance;
  • how to ensure compliance when a licensee has more than one piece of equipment on the same site;
  • how to ensure compliance when a site is shared with other licensees;
  • when licensees may be exempt from the requirement to comply with the ICNIRP general public limits; and
  • the enforcement options available to Ofcom in the event of breach of the EMF licence condition.

Guidance on EMF Compliance and Enforcement (PDF, 331.1 KB)

In addition to the formal guidance above, Ofcom has produced a number of additional user-friendly guidance documents:

These documents are provided in draft form at present. We welcome feedback on these documents and expect to update these over time to take into account feedback from licensees and to provide additional worked examples of compliance assessments for some typical use cases. Feedback on these documents can be provided by email to before 16 April 2021.