Business radio

If you use a radio system for your business, you will need a licence from Ofcom. Business radio users range from taxi companies and factories, to hospitals, care homes, industrial sites and transport operators.

Delays in applications and responses

Due to high volumes of work, there may be delays in processing applications and responding to enquiries. However, we still aim to complete applications within our turnaround times published in Section 4 of the Wireless Telegraphy (Licensing Procedures) Regulations 2010.

If your enquiry relates to Amateur, Ships or Business Radio Light Licences, we recommend using our online licensing portal, where you can update you contact details or apply for a new licence quickly and efficiently.

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Pay online

Received an invoice? Then use our new secure payment portal to pay for your licence in a few easy steps.

Apply for a business radio licence

Apply for a range of licences authorising the use of radio systems used to pass messages to, from or between mobile units as an aid to conducting business.

Amend your business radio licence

Spectrum trading and leasing, and making changes to your licence contact details.

Guidance for business radio licensees

Online spectrum databases, guidance notes, interface requirements and information about international co-ordination.