Fixed terrestrial links

18 December 2019

Fixed Terrestrial Links or Fixed Wireless Systems (FWS) refer to terrestrial based wireless systems, operating between two or more fixed points. Using mainly digital technologies, directional antennas and typically operating at very high levels of propagation availability fixed terrestrial links are used to provide network infrastructure and customer access applications across a wide range of frequency bands, currently ranging from 450MHz to 86GHz.

Update 27 November 2018: 64-66 GHz

As indicated in our fixed wireless services review statement, we have decided to change the authorisation in this band to licence exempt under new technical decisions (which are set out in updated Interface Requirements, IR 2030 and IR 2078). To implement this decision, we have made new regulations which came into force on 27 November 2018. Equipment complying with the new technical conditions will no longer require a licence to operate in the 64 - 66 GHz band.