Programme-making and special events (PMSE)

If you are using wireless microphones, talkback (walkie-talkies) and production services for radio and TV, you will need a programme-making and special events (PMSE) licence. They're required by law if directly associated with a performance or event.

May 2022 – Important Reminder

Please be aware that we aim to process licence applications within three working days but during busy periods (April to September) this may take longer. Please ensure you have considered this timescale when submitting applications.

It is a legal requirement that a Wireless Telegraphy Act licence is granted by Ofcom before you begin transmitting and that your equipment is operated in accordance with your licence. Penalties for unauthorised use vary but can include large fines and imprisonment so please ensure you submit your application with enough time to have the appropriate licence in place.

Most applications can also be made quickly and efficiently online without the need to wait.  Please see our ‘Apply for a PMSE Licence’ page for more information or to use this service

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