Update 1 March 2021 – EMF licence variation

Ofcom has published a General Notice and notified other licensees of our proposals to vary a wide range of licences to require licensees to comply with the ICNIRP general public limits and keep records to demonstrate how they comply. This licence variation process is now underway, and we are now in a transition period. For more information, please visit our page on electromagnetic fields (EMF).

During this transition period, Ofcom will still accept new applications and will still issue licences. If you decide to apply for a licence (or continue with a licence application) during this time, we will take this as you consenting to these future changes.

Shared access licences

09 December 2019

The shared access licence is part of a new framework for enabling shared use of spectrum, aiming to make it easier for people and businesses to access spectrum for a wide range of local wireless connectivity applications.

The shared access licence is currently available in four spectrum bands which support mobile technology:

  • 1800 MHz band: 1781.7 to 1785 MHz paired with 1876.7 to 1880 MHz;
  • 2300 MHz band: 2390 to 2400 MHz;
  • 3800 to 4200 MHz band; and
  • 24.25-26.5 GHz. This band is only available for indoor low power licences.

Two types of licences are available:

  • Low power licence. This authorises users to deploy as many base stations as they require within a circular area with a radius of 50 metres as well as the associated fixed, nomadic or mobile terminals connected to the base stations operating within the area.
  • Medium power licence. This authorises a single base station and the associated fixed, nomadic or mobile terminals connected to the base station.