Scam calls and messages

Sometimes we receive phone calls, messages and emails from scammers. These are criminal acts, usually aimed at encouraging you to hand over money, or your personal or financial information.

It can be hard to tell if a spam text, email or call is from a legitimate company or a scammer. For example, scammers could pretend to be from your bank or building society, or they might claim to be from your phone or broadband company.

Other examples include criminals claiming to represent HM Revenue and Customs, the NHS, delivery companies, or even Ofcom.

Here you will find information on different types of scams that are currently happening, and a guide to reporting scam texts or mobile calls to 7726.

We also have more advice on how to avoid unwanted calls and messages.

If you receive a suspicious text:


Stop! The text could be a scam. Read carefully and look for any details that don't seem right.

Don't click

Don't click on any links or give out any personal or bank details.


Report any suspicious texts to 7726 and make your friends and family aware too.

If you receive a suspicious phone call:


Stop! Do not give out any personal or bank details.

Hang up

Hang up and call the company they claim to be from to check if it is a scam.


Report scam calls to Action Fraud and make your family aware too.

Scams to watch out for

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