Download numbering data

This page is for communications providers (CPs) to download our data files. We publish data on which UK telephone numbers are available for allocation or are allocated, and aim to update these files every Wednesday.

We also publish lists of codes for use by CPs in number porting and other administrative tasks.

Previous files publish date: 21 February 2024
Current files publish date: 28 February 2024
Next files proposed publish date: 6 March 2024

Telephone numbers

Number begins with


Excel download (.xlsx format)

CSV download

01 or 02

Geographic numbers

Because of its size, this file has been divided into nine parts for easier use.

SABCDE11 = S1 Geographic Codes Starting 11 or 12 (XLSX, 1.2 MB)

SABCDE13 = S1 Geographic Codes Starting 13 (XLSX, 1.1 MB)

SABCDE14 = S1 Geographic Codes Starting 14 (XLSX, 1.2 MB)

SABCDE15= S1 Geographic Codes Starting 15 (XLSX, 1.2 MB)

SABCDE16= S1 Geographic Codes Starting 16 (XLSX, 1.1 MB)

SABCDE17= S1 Geographic Codes Starting 17 (XLSX, 1.1 MB)

SABCDE18= S1 Geographic Codes Starting 18 (XLSX, 1.0 MB)

SABCDE19= S1 Geographic Codes Starting 19 (XLSX, 1.1 MB)

SABCDE2= S1 Geographic Codes Starting 2 (XLSX, 984.2 KB)

S1.csv (CSV, 10.5 MB)


Non-Geographic Numbers: calls charged at a geographic rate

S3.xlsx (XLSX, 426.7 KB)

S3.csv (CSV, 608.3 KB)

055 or 056

Corporate Numbers and Location Independent Electronic Communications Systems numbers

S5.xlsx (XLSX, 48.9 KB)

S5.csv (CSV, 44.5 KB)


Personal Numbers, Radiopaging Service & Mobile Service numbers

S7.xlsx (XLSX, 296.0 KB)

S7.csv (CSV, 539.0 KB)


Non-Geographic Numbers

S8.xlsx (XLSX, 405.7 KB)

S8.csv (CSV, 699.7 KB)

090, 091 or 098

Non-Geographic Numbers

S9.xlsx (XLSX, 282.9 KB)

S9.csv (CSV, 578.2 KB)

1XX Access codes

S10 (Type B).xlsx (XLSX, 162.2 KB)

S10 (Type A and C).csv (CSV, 15.3 KB)

S10 (Type B).csv (CSV, 171.9 KB)

Download all telephone number CSV files in ZIP format (ZIP, 3.3 MB).

Number block allocations

To help CPs keep track, we publish lists of number allocations made over a rolling 12-month period. Please note that transferred numbers will also be shown as “allocated”. CPs are responsible for keeping their own records up to date.

Type of number transferred

Excel download

CSV download

Telephone numbers beginning 01-09

tran0109.xlsx (XLSX, 153.9 KB)

tran0109.csv (CSV, 304.3 KB)

Codes for indirect access, and directory enquiries (“DQ”)

tranacce.xlsx (XLSX, 17.6 KB)

tranacce.csv (CSV, 402 Bytes)


Code type

Excel download

CSV download

Number Portability Prefix Code (NPPC)

Prefixes to use when porting numbers other than Mobile Services numbers

NPPC.xlsx (XLSX, 38.7 KB)

NPPC.csv (CSV, 33.9 KB)

Mobile portability code (MPC)

Prefixes to use when porting Mobile Services numbers

MPC.xlsx (XLSX, 19.9 KB)

MPC.csv (CSV, 5.1 KB)

Communications Provider Identity Code (CUPID)

3-digit administrative codes used to identify CPs

CUPID.xlsx (XLSX, 41.6 KB)

CUPID.csv (CSV, 28.2 KB)

Carrier Pre-Selection (CPS)

4-digit codes for Carrier Pre-Selection services

CPS.xlsx (XLSX, 21.1 KB)

CPS.csv (CSV, 5.1 KB)

Reseller Identification (RID)

3-letter administrative codes used to identify resellers of fixed line and broadband services

RID.xlsx (XLSX, 832.3 KB)

RID.csv (CSV, 994.4 KB)

Mobile Network Codes (MNC)

Part of the International Mobile Station Identity ("IMSI") code

MNC.xlsx (XLSX, 19.9 KB)

MNC.csv (CSV, 3.5 KB)

Partial Calling Line Identity Code (PCLI)

6-digit codes used to identify a CP and its switch number

PCLI.xlsx (XLSX, 26.0 KB)PCLI.csv (CSV, 31.6 KB)