Navigating news in an online world

13 July 2018

Ofcom has today published two qualitative research reports on what people think and feel about the news, and how they consume it.

With vast numbers of news stories available 24/7, through a wide range of online platforms and devices, the research reveals how we are adapting our habits and behaviours, in order to keep up. This research helps Ofcom fulfil its duty to promote and carry out research in media literacy.

Ofcom has also published a commentary on the key themes from the reports including:

  • the challenge of ‘news overload’;
  • ‘passive’ news consumption;
  • the blurred news environment of social media;
  • critical thinking when navigating online news; and
  • trust in news sources.

Sharon White, Ofcom’s Chief Executive, has provided insights on these findings.


Scrolling news: The changing face of online news consumption (PDF, 9.5 MB)

The changing world of news: Qualitative research (PDF, 1000.4 KB)


Navigating news in an online world: A summary of Ofcom’s qualitative research on news (PDF, 831.0 KB)

Read all about it… without even realising: Comment from Sharon White, Ofcom Chief Executive