GPS jamming exercises

Published: 21 July 2023
Last updated: 21 July 2023

The Ministry of Defence conducts occasional tests on military systems, which may result in some loss of service to civilian users of the Global Positioning System (GPS) including in-car navigation devices and networks which rely on GPS signals.

The authorisation of GPS jamming is overseen by the Defence Electromagnetic Authority (DEMA), who have primacy in such matters. The forum by which jamming is agreed is through the Peacetime Controls of Non-Operational Jamming (PCNOJ), which encompasses an arbitration process that includes, inter alia, NATS, CAA, MOD, and Trinity House stakeholders.

Ofcom is not able to authorise the operational use of jammers. Except where lawful use is otherwise provided for in legislation or Government/Crown Authority, the operational use of a jammer is an offence under Section 68 of the Wireless Telegraphy Act 2006, for which Ofcom has enforcement responsibilities.

Citizens and consumers seeking information about possible interruptions to services may wish to consult the CAA’s Skywise alerts, including forthcoming planned GPS tests.

Please note that such jamming exercises are outside Ofcom’s remit or control and we are unable to give advice; also, it cannot be assumed that any loss of service is necessarily due to jamming exercises.

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