Accessibility and diversity

We want the UK's communications systems to be accessible to everyone.

This means we always look at accessibility, diversity and inclusion in the areas we regulate. We also focus on these principles in our own organisation.

Here, you can find all our webpages relating to accessibility and diversity.


A list of links relating to accessibility

Accessibility of Ofcom's website

Ofcom recognises the importance of providing a website that is accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities.

Usability and accessibility research

This section covers Ofcom's research in a number of areas related to usability and accessibility.

Accessibility of communications services

An overview of Ofcom’s work on the accessibility of communications services to disabled people.

Television access services code

This sets out what broadcasters must do to allow hearing and visually impaired consumers to access TV content.

Channels required to provide access services

Lists of television channels required to provide access services in a given year.

Broadcast TV access service reports

These access service reports show whether broadcasters are meeting their requirements to make their content accessible.

Video on-demand accessibility

This area includes reports which set out the extent to which on-demand programme services (ODPS) carried subtitles, audio description or signing.

Accessibility of Electronic Programme Guides

Annual reports on EPG accessibility.
Complain about the accessibility of TV or on-demand servicesHow to complain about accessibility (including signing, subtitling and audio description) on TV and on-demand services.

Diversity and inclusion

A list of links relating to diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion programme

At Ofcom we are determined to do all we can to promote diversity and equality inside our organisation and in the wider sectors we regulate.

Overview of Ofcom's diversity work for the year

A brief overview of our work to promote diversity within broadcasting.

Diversity and equality in broadcasting hub

Information and guidance on how broadcasters can improve the diversity of their organisations.

Staff networks and jobs

A list of links relating to staff networks and jobs

Staff networks and groups

At Ofcom we have in place several networks to support colleagues.


Ofcom is an equal opportunities employer and a disability confident employer.

Consumer panels

A list of links relating to consumer panels

Communications Consumer Panel (CCP)

The CCP pays particular attention to the needs of vulnerable people; older people; people with disabilities; and micro businesses.

Advisory Committee for Older and Disabled People (ACOD)

ACOD advises Ofcom about issues concerning the communications and postal sectors relating to older and disabled people.