Enforcement programme into age assurance measures on UK-established, adult video-sharing platforms

18 December 2023


Programme into Age assurance measures on UK-established adult video-sharing platforms
Case opened 10 January 2023

This enforcement programme will look at whether UK-established video-sharing platforms (VSPs) that specialise in adult content have appropriate age assurance measures in place, as required under the VSP regime.

Relevant legal provision(s)

Part 4B of the Communications Act 2003

Update 18 December 2023 – extending programme into 2024

Ofcom continues to assess age assurance measures on adult video-sharing platforms (VSPs), making sure they are robust enough to prevent under-18s from accessing pornographic videos.

There's still more to do, so we have decided to extend the enforcement programme to April 2024. Continuing our work shows we are committed to driving improvements in this important area.

What we've achieved so far

Several adult VSPs have improved their age assurance measures, after we raised concerns that they were not effectively protecting under-18s from pornographic material. Notably, after our engagement:

  • Tapnet Ltd has updated its RevealMe platform to require users to verify their age, either by making a credit card payment or submitting valid identification to a third-party, automated age verification tool.
  • Kiwi Leisure Limited has committed to adding age assurance measures to its AdmireMe platform, so that users must either make a credit card payment or submit their image to a third-party, automated age estimation tool. If users are estimated to be under 21 years old, they will have to submit valid identification to a third-party, automated age verification tool.
  • Other notified VSPs are in the process of making similar improvements – more details to come soon.

We have also assessed some VSPs that had not already notified to Ofcom, but appeared to be in scope of the VSP regime. Similarly we have spoken to several VSPs that emerged in the UK since the regime began, to find out whether or not they are in scope. So far:

  • We have opened an investigation into Secure Live Media Ltd, provider of adult VSP CamSoda. We'll determine whether or not they failed to notify us, and to take steps to protect under-18s from pornographic videos on their site.
  • Two adult VSPs, Fansify and Sesire have notified us that they are in scope of the regime.
  • Mixed platform SoSpoilt (which primarily shows non-adult content) has notified us that it is in scope of the regime.
  • We have opened engagement with additional adult platforms that may fall outside the scope and jurisdiction of the VSP regime, but which are likely to be regulated under the online safety regime.

We have extended the programme so we can:

  • continue to drive improvements on notified adult VSPs;
  • finish our investigation into Secure Live Media Ltd;
  • assess further platforms in the adult VSP sector that have come to our attention during the course of the programme, and may fall in scope of the VSP regime, but haven't yet notified to Ofcom and may not have appropriate measures in place to protect under-18s from adult content; and
  • continue to progress our understanding of challenges faced by these platforms in implementing sufficiently robust age assurance measures on their sites.


Enforcement team (enforcement@ofcom.org.uk)

Case reference CW/01266/12/22