Make a Freedom of Information request

Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOI Act) we are required to provide information we hold, unless an exemption applies.

The FOI Act does not require us to create information or collate lists from different sources. We are also not required to provide advice or opinions, although we will generally seek to provide you with publicly available information that may be helpful or identify other organisations that may be able to help.

If a request relates to the environment, we are required to deal with it under the Environmental Information Regulations 2004 (EIR) even though it has been submitted as an FOI request.

What can I ask about?

You can ask about anything related to Ofcom's remit. But please search or browse this website first, to check if the information is already available.

You can read our responses to previous requests. We also a maintain a publication scheme, which may help you gain a better of understanding of the type of information we hold and can release.

We aim to be as transparent as possible and to make information available without the need to request it.

However, under the FOI Act we can withhold certain information, for example if:

  • it is commercially sensitive or confidential;
  • its disclosure may constitute an unwarranted invasion of privacy; or
  • it might affect our need to have a free and frank exchange of views or deliberation and would hamper Ofcom’s ability to fulfil our regulatory duties.

We can also refuse to release information that is intended for publication at a subsequent date.

If you request information that we consider exempt under the FOI Act, we will explain why we consider an exemption applies.

How can I submit a request?

Fill out the Freedom of Information (FOI) form to make a request for information.

You can also email us at

We will respond to your request via your email address.

If you require help or advice in accessing information, you can call the Ofcom Contact Centre on:

Telephone: 0300 123 3333
Textphone: 020 7981 3043
Welsh Line: 0300 123 2023

Wherever possible we will provide information in an accessible format.

Submitting a request on social media

You can submit an FOI request to us via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. If you would like to use social media to submit a request, please remember to:

  • tag Ofcom on the social media platform to send us a notification of your request (if you would like to make a request in Welsh, our Welsh-language Twitter account is @OfcomCymraeg)
  • include your full name, email address and question.

Our social media manager will acknowledge your post and request a private message for personal contact information for further correspondence.

We are unable to publish our FOI decision letter directly onto social media, so it’s important we have a channel for direct correspondence (email) and your full name to indicate that your request is from a ‘real person’, as per the Information Commissioner’s Office guidance.

How much does it cost?

In most instances requests are free. However, if you are requesting large amounts of information that require lots of printing, photocopying or formatting, then we are allowed to charge a small amount to cover these costs. We will always let you know if a charge is likely.

How long will it take to hear back?

We will respond to you about your request within 20 working days of receiving it.