Election Committee

The Election Committee (“the Committee”) is delegated authority from the Ofcom Board to:

a) determine unresolved disputes between Ofcom licensed Broadcasters (“Broadcasters”) and political parties regarding the allocation by Broadcasters of party election broadcasts and referendum campaign broadcasts, and the length, frequency, allocation and/or scheduling of such broadcasts under Ofcom’s Rules on Party Political and Referendum Broadcasts pursuant to section 333 of the Communications Act 2003 (“the Act”).

b) make decisions on complaints received in relation to the standards set by Ofcom in respect of due impartiality pursuant to sections 319(1), 319(2)(c) and 320 of the Act in respect of programmes transmitted by Broadcasters[1] during an election or referendum period where the Content, Media and Policy Group consider:

  • i) that a substantive issue is raised; and
  • ii) the complaint, if upheld, might require redress before the election or referendum.”

The Committee comprises up to five members. The Chairman of the Election Committee is appointed by the Ofcom Board. Other members of the Committee are drawn from the Content Board and/or Ofcom Colleagues as determined by the Chair of the Committee (subject to the quorum requirements).