Our Scotland office

The Ofcom Scotland team represents Ofcom in Scotland and Scotland in Ofcom. We ensure that we keep in touch with the views and opinions of citizens and consumers, the regulated industries and stakeholders more generally in Scotland, and factor these in to our policy and decision-making.

We do this by consulting through regular industry and political contact, hosting events to discuss key policy issues, and ensuring that as wide a variety of stakeholders as possible are aware of our work.

We deal with all aspects of Ofcom's remit, and provides input and advice on issues (as they apply to Scotland) to policy and project teams across Ofcom. The experience and expertise of Ofcom's Advisory Committee for Scotland and its Content Board and Communications Consumer Panel members for Scotland also feeds in to our work.

Contact us

Floor 6, Quartermile One,
15 Lauriston Place,
Edinburgh EH3 9EP

Tel: 0131 220 7300

Email: ofcom.scotland@ofcom.org.uk