Our Wales office

27 September 2016

The Ofcom Wales team represents Ofcom in Wales and Wales within Ofcom – managing relationships and communications with the general public and a wide range of industry stakeholders, including politicians, industry and the media.

There are currently no vacancies in our Wales office.

The team deals with all aspects of Ofcom’s remit and provides input and advice on issues as they apply to Wales to policy and project teams across Ofcom. Wales has representation on Ofcom's Content Board and has its own Advisory Committee.

Through extensive consultation exercises, a variety of events and well-established working relations with stakeholders, the team makes sure it has its finger on the pulse and is acutely aware of the needs of industry, consumers and citizens in Wales

Rhodri joined Ofcom in January 2004 and is responsible for all aspects of Ofcom's work in Wales.

Rhodri began his career as a journalist in 1980 and joined HTV Wales's current affairs department in July 1982. In 1989 he was one of the co-founders of Wales's largest independent production company, Agenda Television, now known as Tinopolis.

In 1999 he was appointed Chair of the Welsh Language Board, the body responsible for promoting the use of the Welsh language.

He has also served as a member of the Board of Visitors at HM Prison, Cardiff and currently serves on the Welsh Assembly Government Ministerial Advisory Group on Public Service Delivery.

His leisure interests include cricket, golf, wine, and music.

To contact Rhodri - rhodri.williams@ofcom.org.uk or telephone 029 2046 7200.

Liz has been with Ofcom since its inception, transferring from the ITC after working for the Head of ITC Wales & West for eight years. Her current role includes overseeing all aspects of administration, facilities, finance and office management relating to the Cardiff office and acting as administrator to the Ofcom Wales team.

Before joining the ITC, Liz worked in London for 10 years in various PR and Communications roles but at the age of 29 decided that city life had lost its appeal and decided to spend six months travelling. After returning from America and New Zealand - homeless, broke and jobless - she went to live with her parents who had retired to Cardiff. There she met her future husband and has been enjoying living in Wales ever since.

She has a grown-up daughter who is currently studying Events Management at university in Manchester. In her spare time Liz enjoys travelling, long walks in the country with the youngest member of the family – Sonny the Jack Russell - and doing DIY whilst her husband cooks!

To contact Liz, please telephone 029 2046 7204 or email liz.nash@ofcom.org.uk

Elinor looks after Ofcom’s stakeholders in Wales and coordinates a creative programme of events in order to engage with those interested in Ofcom’s work. She manages all communications with the press and media as well as with Welsh politicians and civil servants, ensuring that they are well informed of Ofcom’s work. Elinor is also Ofcom’s Welsh Language officer – she manages Ofcom’s Welsh Language Scheme and is responsible for all Welsh print and online publications.

Before joining Ofcom in 2007 Elinor worked for the Welsh Language Board, following three years as a Community Marketing Manager for BBC Wales. Her roles as Marketing Manager for Urdd Gobaith Cymru and Dalier Sylw theatre company, has ensured that she is well-travelled throughout Wales and has an excellent knowledge of Welsh issues.

When not at work, Elinor is kept as busy at home, looking after her two children. In any spare time that she has left, she enjoys gardening, running, mountain biking and is a dab hand at making welsh cakes.

To contact Elinor - elinor.williams@ofcom.org.uk or telephone 029 2046 7217

Nia joined Ofcom in March 2015 and is responsible for managing all aspects of Ofcom’s Advisory Committee for Wales. She provides support to the National Assembly for Wales’ Cross Party Group on Digital Communications, represents Ofcom on the Welsh Government’s Digital Inclusion Board and Wales Internet Safety Partnership and contributes to Ofcom’s research and policy work. Nia also assists with the process of translating Ofcom publications into the Welsh language.

Before joining Ofcom, Nia worked as a Subtitler for Testun Cyf based at S4C for seven years and is particularly interested in Ofcom’s work on public service broadcasting. With a degree in music, she enjoys playing the piano and is a member of a mixed-voice choir in Cardiff. She enjoys running, having recently completed the Cardiff half-marathon, as well as a little Zumba!

To contact Nia, please telephone 029 2046 7213 or nia.thomas@ofcom.org.uk

Laura Mejuto Iglesias joined Ofcom as a Spectrum Engineering Officer for Wales in November. Laura comes from Galicia, Spain, and has been living in Wales since early 2014 when she started working for a Spanish telecommunications company as a technical support engineer. Laura is passionate about anything related to technology (she recently became a STEM Ambassador and is eager to start experimenting with her technical toys around the Cardiff area!) and has an extensive academic background in this area including an MSc in Signal Theory and Digital Communications.

Her other great passion is travelling so she does not miss any chance to put on her backpack and get lost in any city or country – or getting back home to Spain to lie on the beach and enjoy a huge plate of marisco!

By train:

Trains run regularly from Cardiff Queen Street railway station (via Cardiff Central) to Cardiff Bay station.

Caspian Point is a five-minute walk from Cardiff Bay railway station or a five-minute taxi ride from Cardiff Central station.

By bus:

Local bus routes stop opposite the building.

You can catch the Bay Express (number 6) or the Cardiff Bay (8 or 35) bus from the city centre or Cardiff Central station.

By air:

Cardiff Bay is a 25-minute drive from Cardiff International Airport - follow the signs for Cardiff. At Culverhouse Cross, take the A4232 to Cardiff Bay and then continue as directed above

Address: 2 Caspian Point, Caspian Way, Cardiff CF10 4DQ

Tel: 0300 123 2023 or 029 2046 7200
Fax: 029 2046 7233

Ofcom’s commitment to the Welsh Language

Ofcom takes the fulfilment of its obligations in relation to the Welsh language extremely seriously. We are proud of our commitment and the way in which we integrate the Welsh language into our work on a daily basis – enabling consumers to communicate with Ofcom in the language of their choice, be it in English or Welsh.

Ofcom’s final compliance notice from the Welsh Language Commission carries Ofcom’s full authority, support and approval.

Our approach

Ofcom treats the Welsh and English languages on the basis of equality. When providing a service in the Welsh language, we always ensure that the Welsh language is treated no less favourably than the English language.

Ofcom believes that its approach to providing services in the Welsh language makes a positive contribution to the ability of citizens and consumers to engage with communications issues through the Welsh language.


Ofcom strives to provide good quality services to everyone at all times, but we accept that things may go wrong from time to time. If they do, we understand that you may wish to make a complaint.

Ofcom is keen to listen to your views so that we can learn from any mistakes and put them right whenever we can.

Any complaints relating to Ofcom’s work in the Welsh language or compliance with the Welsh Language Standards should be made to the Welsh Language Officer in the first instance. She will often be in the best position to understand your situation and give you an explanation as to what has happened.

You can complain by:

  • Telephone 0300 123 2023 or 029 20467 200
  • Email wales@ofcom.org.uk
  • Write to Ofcom’s Welsh Language Officer, Ofcom, 2 Caspian Point, Caspian Way. Cardiff. CF10 4DQ
  • Complete the Complaints Form, print it and send it to the Welsh Language Officer, Ofcom, 2 Caspian Point, Caspian Way. Cardiff. CF10 4DQ

If this does not resolve your concerns, please contact the office of the Secretary to the Corporation, Steve Gettings corporationsecretary@ofcom.org.uk or telephone 020 7981 3000. Steve will review your case and respond to you as quickly as possible.

Ofcom’s full complaints procedure

PDF, 360.3 KB

Advisory Committee for Wales

The Advisory Committee for Wales advises Ofcom about the interests and opinions, in relation to communications matters, of people living in Wales. Find out more about its role and its members.


Communications Market Reports

Communications Market Report 2016: Wales  PDF, 1.4 MB

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Communications Market Report 2009: Wales

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Communications Market Report 2007: Wales

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Connected Nations Report

Connected Nations 2016: Wales PDF, 1.3 MB

Connected Nations Report 2015: Wales PDF, 985.1 KB

A Broadband Guide for Wales

This Broadband Guide for Wales was compiled by Ofcom Wales staff following a meeting with the National Assembly for Wales Cross Party Group.

Assembly members felt that it would be invaluable if Ofcom were to compile a useful resource for Assembly Members and their staff which would explain the basics of broadband; the different delivery options available; as well as informing them about Ofcom’s latest work and the political interventions which are taking place at a Welsh, UK and European level. The result is Ofcom’s Broadband Guide for Wales.