Ofcom's activities and those of the companies it regulates are increasingly influenced by international developments.

The communications sector is becoming global in nature. In the light of this, we work closely with European institutions, other national communications regulators, international partners and multilateral organisations. Ofcom represents the UK on radio spectrum issues in key international groups, and participates in international fora on both telecoms and broadcasting matters.

We also seek to learn and share regulatory experiences and best practice with fellow regulatory counterparts. This proactive engagement includes regulatory and inter-governmental bilaterals, participating in multilateral debates and speaking at international events to share insights and experiences and to stay up-to-date with key developments.

Responses to international consultations

We publish our responses to international consultations.

Stakeholder engagement

We strive to be open and transparent with UK stakeholders and consumer groups about our international activities and aim to regularly communicate with them, both through publishing agendas and slides of previous meetings, ad-hoc meetings, and briefing and coordination sessions covering all areas of work and electronic forums.

We host an International Stakeholders Forum (ISF) every four months. This is the primary means through which we aim to update UK stakeholders on our international activities. We also use these as an opportunity to share information, as well as impressions, on international policy developments.

You can out more about the ISF and access meeting materials in International stakeholder engagement.

As well as this forum, we hold dedicated spectrum briefing sessions.

Contact the International Team

For further information, if you want to be added to the circulation list or you would like to request a visit, please email ofcom.international@ofcom.org.uk

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Spectrum (international work)

Ofcom manages the UK spectrum allocation and has a duty to ensure it is used in the most effective way.

Telecoms (international work)

We work to ensure international regulatory frameworks within which the UK, Ofcom and our stakeholders operate are practical, proportionate and serve the interests of UK citizens and consumers.

Content (international work)

Our European activities in relation to content fall within Ofcom’s strategic priority to provide appropriate assurances to audiences on standards of content services.

Post (international work)

Our international activities in relation to post fall within Ofcom’s strategic priority to engage with the development of international regulatory frameworks within which the UK, Ofcom and our stakeholders operate