Our England office

Published: 2 June 2023

The English Regions team represents Ofcom in England and provides an English perspective on a range of issues to different Ofcom teams.

Based in Ofcom's head office, Riverside House, the team is well placed to dock into the work of Ofcom colleagues and ensure that English needs are factored into all of Ofcom's work.

We recognise the importance of ensuring that issues of concern across the English regions are properly represented within Ofcom, so the team regularly visits the English regions to meet stakeholders.

They also help organise a number of Ofcom events around the country, providing an opportunity for two-way communication on a range of topics. We make use of the experience and expertise of Ofcom's Advisory Committee for England and the Content Board Member and Communications Consumer Panel Member for England, to ensure that Ofcom benefits from their expertise in relevant areas of policy development, outreach and decision-making.

The Advisory Committee for England advises Ofcom about the interests and opinions, in relation to communications and postal matters, of people living in England. Find out more about its role and its members.

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