Cookies policy

22 February 2021

Cookies are small files that are saved on your device when you visit a website. We explain below what cookies we use and why.

Necessary cookies

These cookies make our websites work as they should. They do things like:

  • remember your selections or preferences so that you don’t have to set them again
  • help our servers cope with changes in site traffic
  • protect websites against attacks.

We use necessary cookies on the following domains:

*Note: We are currently auditing the cookies on these subdomains, so the list of cookies below may be incomplete. We will update this page soon.

You can restrict or block these cookies through your browser settings, but this may impact your experience of our websites.

CookieControlThis cookie remembers users’ cookies settings selections on this website, to prevent prompts to choose again when they return.2 years
SQ_SYSTEM_SESSIONSquiz Matrix content management system cookie that remembers when a user is logged in to the website to prevent prompts to log back in.When user closes browser
PagesThis cookies enables the 'add to your pages' functionality.1 year
what-intentMicrosoft cookie used on pages featuring an interactive data report (like our Communications Market Report). The cookie detects user device types so that the Power BI application fits the screen accordingly. Read more about Microsoft cookies in their privacy statement.When user closes browser
AI_bufferMicrosoft cookie to limit the number of server requests on pages featuring a Power BI interactive data report.When user closes browser
AI_sentBufferMicrosoft cookie to limit the number of server requests on pages featuring a Power BI interactive data report.When user closes browser
ai_sessionMicrosoft cookie enabling users to navigate Power BI interactive data reports.1 day
ai_userMicrosoft cookie to collect statistical usage of Power BI data reports.1 year 
WFESessionIdMicrosoft cookie to collect statistical usage of Power BI data reports.When user closes browser
AspxformsauthSPECTRAsc - Session authentication cookie to verify account holders on our PMSE site. When user closes browser
ASP.NET_SessionIdSPECTRAsc - Cookie used to maintain anonymised sessions on our spectrum sites. When user closes browser
vuidVimeo cookie to enable video plays. 2 years
clientSrcSalesforce cookie used on licensing sites to validate user IP addresses. Read more about Salesforce community cookies.When user closes browser
sidSalesforce cookie used on licensing sites to validate user sessions.When user closes browser
sid_ClientSalesforce cookie used on licensing sites to validate user sessions.When user closes browser
GRECAPTCHAGoogle ReCaptca helps websites and mobile apps prevent spam and block 'bots'.6 months
RRetURLSalesforce cookie used on licensing sites to enable logins.When user closes browser
rsidSalesforce cookie used on licensing sites to enable admin logins.When user closes browser
pctrkSalesforce cookie used on licensing sites to distinguish users.When user closes browser
oidSalesforce cookie containing Ofcom’s ID for its implementation of Salesforce.When user closes browser
instSalesforce cookie used on licensing sites to redirect traffic to Salesforce server.When user closes browser

Performance cookies

These cookies help us understand how people use the following websites:

This includes how many people visit a website, which pages they view and how they navigate through it. We use this information to make improvements. Anonymous data is stored in Google Analytics, Google Optimize, Hotjar and Siteimprove.

_gaGoogle Analytics cookie to collect data on website traffic. Read a summary of Google Analytics’ data practices.2 years
collectGoogle Analytics cookie to collect data about user behaviour and devices.When user closes browser
_gidGoogle Analytics cookie to distinguish users.1 day
_gatGoogle Analytics cookie used to throttle the speed of requests to the server.1 day
_hjIDHotjar cookie to collect data on user behaviour. Read more about Hotjar’s use of cookies1 year
_hjIncludedInSampleHotjar cookie to collate data on user navigation.When user closes browser
_hjTLDTestHotjar cookie to determine the search engine ranking of the website.When user closes browser
_dc_gtm_#Google Tag Manager cookie used to analyse how users interact with the website.1 day
nmstatSiteimprove cookie used to collect statistics about site usage. Read more about how Siteimprove process personal data in their privacy notice.1 year
BrowserIDSalesforce cookie used to collect analytics. Read more about Salesforce community cookies1 year

Marketing cookies

These cookies allow us to measure the performance of our communications campaign activity on Google Ads and Facebook. They also enable us to serve targeted ads in Google search results and on Facebook. We use these cookies on

ads/ga-audiencesGoogle Ads cookie used to re-engage users that have previously visited the website. Read more about Google’s use of cookies.When user closes browser
_fbp Facebook advertising cookie used to deliver ads to people who have already visited our website when they are on Facebook or a digital platform powered by Facebook advertising. Read more about how Facebook use cookies in their cookie policy.3 months

How to control and delete cookies

You can update your cookies preferences for by clicking the cog icon in the bottom left corner of the screen.

You can block or remove cookies set by our other websites – see the full list of domains under ‘Necessary cookies’ above – through your browser settings. This guide tells you how to manage cookies on a range of browsers.