Policy for the DECT guard band

  • Start: 29 September 2016
  • Status: Closed
  • End: 08 December 2016

This document is consulting on the policy for authorising use of spectrum in the range 1781.7 - 1785 MHz block paired with 1876.7 - 1880 MHz block, which we refer to as the "DECT guard band".

Following an award process held in 2006, there are currently twelve licensees who are authorised to use this spectrum on a low power shared access basis. These licences have an indefinite duration but have come to the end of their Initial 10 year Term. During this period Ofcom had limited powers to make changes to the licensing arrangements - and following the initial term Ofcom may apply annual spectrum fees.

This document considers possible changes to the current arrangements, one of which could be to trigger a move to high power mobile use licensed to a single user. We also raise the possibility of opening the band to a wider range of potential users under a continuation of a low power shared access regime. Access to this spectrum may be of interest to new users because it is within the operating range of standard equipment for the 1800 MHz mobile band.

This document also considers the basis on which we might introduce spectrum fees for licensees in a low power shared access regime, either under the existing arrangements, or if we were to open the band to a wider range of potential users.

This is a consultation on future policy for this band and the broad approach we should take. We are not making specific proposals for change at this point. We would expect to do that subsequently if, following consideration of responses to this consultation, we consider it appropriate to make changes to the current arrangements.

Update 30 June 2017

We are not planning to make significant changes to the current shared access authorisation regime in a way that would alter the ability of the existing DECT guard band Concurrent Spectrum Access (CSA) licensees to access the spectrum as permitted under their existing CSA licences.

Read our full update on the DECT guard band policy (PDF, 113.6 KB).

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