Broadcasting Code Review

  • Start: 15 December 2016
  • Status: Closed
  • End: 09 February 2017

Preparing for Ofcom’s new responsibilities for regulating the BBC

The role of the BBC is to produce high quality and distinctive programmes and services which educate, inform and entertain.

The new BBC Charter and Agreement requires that the BBC’s UK Broadcasting and On Demand Programme Services  comply with the Ofcom Broadcasting Code (“the Code”), and that Ofcom must secure content standards for the BBC. To ensure that viewers and listeners are adequately protected Ofcom will be amending the Code so that it applies to the BBC.  

This consultation looks at how we intend to amend and apply the Broadcasting Code and seeks stakeholders’ views.  

At the same time, this consultation looks at certain other amendments we intend to make to ensure the Code remains clear and relevant for all broadcasters and on demand programme service providers we regulate.

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