Consultation: Proposals to amend the authorisation conditions for the use of certain Short-Range Devices

  • Start: 09 May 2022
  • Status: Closed
  • End: 04 July 2022

We propose a number of changes to the technical conditions which apply to Short-Range Devices (SRDs) widely used in consumer Wi-Fi and multimedia equipment, as well as transport and industrial applications. The proposed changes would align the technical conditions applicable to SRDs in the UK with international harmonisation decisions, allowing UK consumers and industry to benefit from economies of scale, among other benefits. The proposals are to:

  • provide an additional 20 MHz of spectrum for safety-related Intelligent Transport System (ITS): To extend the current spectrum assignment from 5875 to 5905 MHz by 20 MHz to 5875 to 5925 MHz;
  • liberalise the use of 5150 to 5250 MHz for Wireless Access Systems including Radio Local Area Networks (WAS/RLAN) for example Wi-Fi: Liberalise the use of 5150 to 5250 MHz to allow outdoor mobile/nomadic use; permit airborne use of the 5170 to 5250 MHz part of the band; and clarify that there is no requirement for Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) and transmitter power control (TPC) in the 5150 to 5250 MHz band;
  • liberalise some of the technical conditions for some Ultra-Wideband (UWB) devices: These are to allow UWB material-sensing devices and secure low-power vehicle keyless access systems;
  • close the 24 GHz Automotive Short-Range Radar (SRR) band to new applications: We propose to close the current authorisation for new deployments in 24.25 to 26.65 GHz; and
  • make some technical and minor editorial changes to SRD applications in the 870/915 MHz bands: Amendments to liberalise the use of fixed SRD network devices in the bands 870 to 874.4 MHz, 917.3 to 918.9 MHz and 917.4 to 919.4 MHz, as well as some minor editorial amendments.

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Kiwa UK (PDF File, 147.2 KB) Organisation
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