Broadcasting Code Review: Commercial references in television programming

  • Start: 28 June 2010
  • Status: Closed
  • End: 17 September 2010

Statement published 20 December 2010

This statement concludes Ofcom's 2009 and 2010 consultations on the Broadcasting Code rules for commercial references in television programming, and sets out new rules to permit product placement, subject to certain safeguards. It also sets out revised rules for other types of commercial references during television programming, such as sponsorship.

Ofcom has revised the Broadcasting Code to ensure that it remains fit for purpose, and to fulfil our statutory duty to set standards for product placement in television programming. The new rules implement changes to EU and UK legislation, and are designed to enable commercial broadcasters to access new revenue streams, while ensuring that audiences are protected.

The new and revised rules are being issued alongside this statement in a revised Section Nine of the Broadcasting Code, together with accompanying initial guidance. The rules in this revised Section Nine do not come into force until 28 February 2011, after an implementation period. Until that date, commercial references in television programming must continue to comply with the existing rules, now set out in Section Nine (Television) on Sponsorship, and Section Ten (Television) on Commercial References and Other Matters, which sit alongside a new Section Ten (Radio) in the December 2010 Broadcasting Code.

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