Review of prominence for public service broadcasting

  • Start: 25 July 2018
  • Status: Statement published
  • End: 05 October 2018

Update published 4 July 2019

Recommendations to Government for a new framework to keep PSB TV prominent in an online world

In our July 2018 consultation, we asked whether new legislation was needed for public service broadcasting (PSB) to remain easy to find as viewers increasingly watch TV online. Having received views from broadcasters and other stakeholders, we are now setting out our recommendations to Government for a new framework that will ensure that PSB content is easy for viewers to find in the online world.

Statement on changes to the EPG code

The prominence of the PSB traditional, linear channels within electronic programme guides (EPGs) is protected by rules set out in Ofcom’s EPG Code. The Digital Economy Act 2017 introduced a new duty for Ofcom to review the EPG Code by December 2020. This statement concludes our review of the prominence provisions of the EPG Code.

We are amending the EPG Code to ensure the main five PSB channels (BBC1, BBC2, Channel 3 services, Channel 4 and Channel 5) remain easy to find. We are also setting minimum levels of prominence for other PSB and Local TV services. This will ensure that viewers can continue to find PSB channels easily and will make some PSB services easier to find.

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