Second consultation: future of telephone numbers

  • Start: 23 April 2021
  • Status: Closed
  • End: 02 July 2021

Telephone calls are an essential service for many people and businesses. However, the way we use phones is changing. Mobile and online communications are increasing, and landline use is declining. The traditional landline telephone network in the UK – the public switched telephone network (PSTN) – is coming to the end of its life and is gradually being replaced. Over the next few years, landline calls will be carried over more modern Internet Protocol (IP) networks, with landline telephone services increasingly delivered over broadband connections.

The way we pay for calls has also evolved. Pricing is much simpler now, with the cost of most calls included in packages. So, when phone users are charged for individual calls and do not expect it, or if pricing is not clear, this can lead to a general lack of trust in numbers and, ultimately, reduced confidence in telephone services.

Against this backdrop, we have been reviewing our rulebook for phone numbers in the UK – called the National Telephone Numbering Plan. We outlined our proposed approach to this review in our first consultation in 2019. In this next stage of our review, we set out specific proposals to amend the Numbering Plan.

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(Response to second consultation) 24 Seven (PDF File, 170.4 KB) Organisation
(Response to second consultation) aimm (PDF File, 141.8 KB) Organisation
(Response to second consultation) Aldington, M (PDF File, 131.4 KB) Individual
(Response to second consultation) Belcher, P (PDF File, 122.6 KB) Individual
(Response to second consultation) BT (PDF File, 312.8 KB) Organisation
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