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Statement and further consultation: Proposed measures to require compliance with international guidelines for limiting exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF)

  • Start: 05 October 2020
  • Status: Open
  • End: 16 November 2020

To ensure spectrum continues to be used in a way which is safe for people, in our February 2020 consultation we proposed formally incorporating the limits in the ICNIRP Guidelines for the protection of the general public into spectrum licences and into authorisations of licence-exempt spectrum. This statement sets out our decisions in relation to these proposals.

As a first step in implementing our decisions, we have also published a further consultation inviting stakeholders to provide feedback on the specific drafting changes we have made to the wording of the EMF licence condition and our ‘Guidance on EMF Compliance and Enforcement’.

In addition, we are making available a trial version of our EMF calculator that will allow many licensees and other spectrum users to demonstrate their compliance in a straightforward way. We are also inviting feedback on our calculator.

Responding to this consultation

We are inviting responses to this consultation by 5pm on 16 November 2020.

Please submit responses using the consultation response form (ODT, 49.2 KB).

Main documents

Supporting documents

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Responder name Type
5G and health summary (PDF File, 914.2 KB) Organisation
Arqiva (PDF File, 223.3 KB) Organisation
Ashton, D (PDF File, 176.5 KB) Individual
BAE Systems (PDF File, 117.4 KB) Organisation
BBC (PDF File, 246.0 KB) Organisation
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