Consultation: Proposed measures to require compliance with international guidelines for limiting exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF)

  • Start: 21 February 2020
  • Status: Closed
  • End: 12 June 2020

We are proposing to include a specific condition in Wireless Telegraphy Act licences requiring licensees to comply with the relevant levels from the ICNIRP Guidelines. This condition would apply to all equipment which can transmit at powers above 10 Watts (including, for example, the licences of mobile phone companies, TV and radio broadcasters and most point-to-point microwave links).

We also propose to apply a similar approach for equipment that is exempt from the requirement to have a licence and that can transmit at powers above 10 Watts, such as certain types of satellite terminals.

In addition, we are proposing that spectrum licensees keep records (including the results of any measurements, tests and calculations) that demonstrate how they have complied with the ICNIRP Guidelines.

We are also publishing the results of our recent measurements of electromagnetic field (EMF) emissions close to sixteen 5G-enabled mobile phone base stations in 10 cities across the UK and also EMF emissions close to 60 GHz fixed wireless equipment in Liverpool.

Update 7 May 2020 – Extended deadline for responses

The original deadline for responses to these proposals was 15 May 2020, but with the coronavirus pandemic bringing significant challenges to industry, we announced on 24 March that all consultation deadlines had been suspended until further notice.

Since then, many companies have had time to adapt to new ways of working and we are now introducing a new deadline for this consultation of 12 June 2020.

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