Space spectrum strategy

Start: 01 March 2016 Status: Closed End: 10 May 2016

This document sets out our proposed Space Spectrum Strategy which covers the use of spectrum by the satellite and space science (including earth observation) sectors.

These sectors already deliver important benefits to UK citizens and consumers, such as broadcast TV, global positioning, communications to ships and aircraft, satellite imagery and information about our climate. There is potential for greater benefits in the future and we want to make sure we are focusing our efforts on the issues that we expect to unlock the biggest benefits.

We are inviting stakeholders’ views on our analysis and our proposed priorities. Once confirmed, the strategy will shape the prioritisation of our work in these sectors over the coming years.

Alongside this document we are publishing visual and interactive data on the use of spectrum by the satellite and space science sectors.

Have a look at the Space Spectrum Strategy – interactive data.

Download the Space Spectrum Strategy supply + demand calculations XLSX, 35.6 KB

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