Strategic Review of UHF Band 1 and Band 2 - 410 to 470 MHz

  • Start: 19 December 2016
  • Status: Open
  • End: 13 February 2017

This document consults on proposals to use the spectrum in the 410 to 450 MHz (UHF Band 1) and 450 to 470 MHz (UHF Band 2) bands more intensively and efficiently to best address the requirements of current and future users.

The spectrum in this range is attractive to users as it has good in-building penetration as well as coverage. These bands already deliver important benefits to UK citizens and consumers, including robust and immediate communications for businesses, Emergency Services, and Programme Making and Special Events.

Our proposals are to increase sharing, change some of the licence products to better meet the needs of the users, and to make access to this spectrum more uniform.  The aim of the policy proposals is to set a framework for managing this spectrum for the next ten years.

We invite stakeholders’ views on our analysis and policy proposals.

Strategic Review of UHF Band 1 and Band 2 - 410 to 470 MHz PDF, 501.9 KB

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