Call for Inputs to review our Diversity in Broadcasting Workforce Surveys

  • Start: 07 April 2022
  • Status: Closed
  • End: 19 May 2022

Ofcom is inviting input and comment on how we might change the survey we send to broadcasters about the diversity of their workforces, including how we can improve the breadth and quality of the data we collect each year.

Ofcom has a legal duty to promote equality of opportunity in broadcasters’ workforces. Since 2016, we have required TV – and subsequently radio – broadcasters to provide information about their equal opportunities policies and the diversity characteristics of their staff. We have also reported on the outcomes in detail.

summary is available in British Sign Language (BSL).

Main documents

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Responder name Type
Advisory Committee for Scotland (PDF File, 168.1 KB) Organisation
Antisemitism Policy Trust (PDF File, 122.5 KB) Organisation
BBC (PDF File, 196.3 KB) Organisation
BT Sport (PDF File, 181.3 KB) Organisation
Channel 4 (PDF File, 228.3 KB) Organisation
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