Consumer switching: Proposals to reform switching of mobile communications services

  • Start: 19 May 2017
  • Status: Open
  • End: 30 June 2017

It is important for consumers to be able to switch providers easily in order to exercise choice and take advantage of competition in the communications sector.

This document sets out our proposals to reform the process for switching mobile provider, and to remove requirements on consumers to pay for their old service during a notice period once they have switched provider. Our proposals aim to address unnecessary difficulties that many consumers experience when they switch or consider switching mobile provider. In setting out our proposals we have taken account of responses to our March and July 2016 mobile switching consultations, as well as evidence and research we have gathered since then.

We invite comments on our proposals from all interested parties.

In March 2016 and July 2016 Ofcom published consultations outlining proposals to reform the process for switching mobile provider.

We received comments from several stakeholders on our assessment of costs and over the autumn of 2016 we discussed our estimates of costs with the mobile industry. In January 2017 we published a revised cost update.

The following documents are part of the further quantitative research that we have conducted to understand the consumer experience and attitudes in relation to contact with their previous provider and attitudes to Ofcom’s proposed reform options.

Omnibus data tables PDF, 382.3 KB

Online survey data tables PDF, 3.6 MB

Respondent level data XLSX, 1.0 MB

Questionnaire PDF, 499.7 KB

Attitudes towards current and potential alternative processes PDF, 3.9 MB

Technical report PDF, 157.2 KB

These workbooks set out the calculations that underpin our estimates of the quantified impacts that the proposed reform options would have on consumers and industry.

Quantified impacts XLSX, 144.5 KB

Gross costs to industry XLSM, 331.5 KB

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ICC report on cost estimates
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