Spectrum roadmap: Delivering Ofcom’s Spectrum Management Strategy

  • Start: 31 March 2022
  • Status: Statement published
  • End: 20 May 2022

The radio spectrum (the invisible waves that enable wireless technology) is a finite resource crucial to delivering a wide range of wireless applications benefiting different users, and Ofcom has the job of ensuring it is used in the best interests of all in the UK. This approach sits at the heart of Ofcom’s mission to make communications work for everyone.

Wireless communication is playing an increasingly significant role across many sectors of the economy, delivering our news, connecting us to friends and family, automating factories, supporting public services and monitoring the natural environment.

Technological developments are enabling new and innovative applications and business models, meaning more people and organisations are making use of wireless technology. In the face of this growing and, in many cases, competing demand for spectrum, Ofcom set out a new Spectrum Management Strategy in July 2021.

In this Spectrum roadmap, we outline the work we are planning to deliver on this strategy, both through our current projects (as outlined in the Plan of Work 2022-23) and proposed future areas of work.

Ofcom has today published an updated version of its Spectrum Roadmap. This document confirms our intention to progress the new areas of spectrum related work that we proposed in the Spectrum Roadmap discussion document published in March 2022. These new work areas will enable us to deliver the vision for spectrum management set out in our Spectrum Management Strategy. We have also published an annex summarising responses to our discussion document.

Main documents

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Responder name Type
Advisory Committee for Scotland (PDF File, 179.9 KB) Organisation
Apple, Broadcom, Cisco, HPE, and Meta (joint response) (PDF File, 137.5 KB) Organisation
Association of Professional Wireless Production Technologies (PDF File, 753.0 KB) Organisation
BEIRG (PDF File, 146.1 KB) Organisation
Better Media (PDF File, 119.7 KB) Organisation
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