Consultation on end-of-contract and out-of-contract notifications

  • Dechrau: 31 Gorffennaf 2018
  • Statws: Ar agor
  • Diwedd: 09 Hydref 2018

In this consultation, we put forward proposals to set new rules that will require communications providers to send a notification to their customers when they approach the end of their minimum contract period. We are also proposing a new rule that will require providers to send a one-off notification to their customers who have already passed the end of their minimum contract period, where these customers were not informed of that at the time. These notifications will be sent to both residential and small business customers (ten individuals or fewer).

In April 2018, we announced that we would focus our consumer engagement work on end-of-contract notifications. This document sets out our findings and invites stakeholder views on our proposals.

Responding to this consultation

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Main documents

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