Porting charges under General Condition 18: Guidance on the setting of porting charges in compliance with GC18 and consultation on a new mobile donor conveyance charges Direction

  • Start: 29 September 2014
  • Status: Closed
  • End: 10 November 2014

About this document

Number portability enables consumers to keep their telephone numbers when switching between communications providers. This document concerns the level of wholesale porting charges that mobile communications providers charge each other in order to recover certain costs associated with the provision of mobile number portability.

General Condition 18 (GC18) places obligations on communications providers to provide number portability. These include, among other things, the requirement that wholesale porting charges are cost-oriented and based on the incremental costs of providing portability.

In September 2014 we published guidance on how communications providers should set charges to meet these obligations. In the light of this guidance we also consulted on the appropriate maximum level of certain porting charges between mobile communications providers. This document sets out our decision on the maximum level of those charges.

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