Statement: Localness on commercial radio - approved areas in Scotland & Wales

  • Start: 26 October 2018
  • Status: Statement published
  • End: 30 November 2018

Statement published 4 March 2019

A local commercial analogue radio station which is required to broadcast a proportion of programming that is ‘locally-made’ must do so either from a location within the area it broadcasts to, or from elsewhere within an area approved by Ofcom. This document sets out our decisions on approved areas in Scotland and Wales.

What we have decided

We have approved:

  • two areas in Scotland – northern Scotland and southern Scotland; and
  • all of Wales as a single approved area (see map at Annex 1).

These decisions will give local commercial analogue radio stations in Scotland and Wales greater flexibility over where they make their required hours of ‘locally-made’ programmes, and should strengthen their ability to deliver a service which is relevant to the local area they broadcast to.

Main documents

Supporting documents

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