Call for evidence: Review of the interaction between BBC Studios and the BBC Public Service

  • Start: 09 October 2020
  • Status: Closed
  • End: 04 December 2020

The BBC undertakes commercial activities to generate a return, which can be reinvested in BBC programmes and services and supplement income from the licence fee. These activities will need to adapt to the changing environment and respond to opportunities as they arise. Our role as regulator is to ensure that the relationship between the licence fee funded part of the BBC (the Public Service) and the commercial activities does not distort the market or create an unfair competitive advantage. We support the need for the BBC to innovate, grow and change as long as this is done fairly.

The vast majority of the BBC’s commercial activities are undertaken through the commercial subsidiary BBC Studios. BBC Studios produces and distributes content for consumers to watch in the UK and around the world. It owns and operates channels (UKTV), has a joint venture international subscription video on demand service (BritBox in the US and Canada), sells programme formats internationally and consumer products such as DVDs and merchandise.

This call for evidence launches our review into the interaction between BBC Studios and the Public Service.

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