Consultation: Review of the Premium Rate Services Condition

  • Start: 26 July 2018
  • Status: Closed
  • End: 21 September 2018

This consultation sets out Ofcom’s proposal to modify the Premium Rate Services Condition so that it applies to all Information, Connection or Signposting Services (ICSS).

ICSS are a form of premium rate service. They are essentially services which:

  1. provide advice or information about how to access or use public or commercial services; and/or
  2. connect or direct consumers to specific contact numbers or helplines that they are seeking, usually at a higher charge than calling directly.

Currently, the Premium Rate Services Condition only applies to ICSS operating on certain number ranges and price points. The effect of our proposal would be that the Premium Rate Services Condition would apply to all premium rate services which are ICSS irrespective of number range or price point. This would create a common regulatory framework for ICSS and would mean that all ICSS would be subject to the Phone-paid Services Authority’s regulatory regime.

This document sets out why we consider that this is the most appropriate course of action to address the actual and potential harm arising from ICSS.

We invite views on our proposal.

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Caller Support Limited (PDF File, 281.6 KB) Organisation
Department of Work and Pensions (PDF File, 216.7 KB) Organisation
Fair Telecoms Campaign (PDF File, 875.9 KB) Organisation
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