Statement: Space spectrum strategy

  • Start: 15 March 2022
  • Status: Statement published
  • End: 24 May 2022

Statement published 10 November 2022

This document sets out Ofcom’s refreshed strategy for managing radio spectrum used by the space sector. We want to make sufficient spectrum available to deliver even greater benefits in the future while ensuring spectrum is used efficiently. This includes finding the right balance between enabling new and innovative services while ensuring existing valuable services can continue.

To do this, we will focus our activities on three areas.

  • Communications – We will have a strong focus on the opportunities and challenges raised by NGSO satellite systems. We have introduced a new NGSO licensing framework in the UK and will pursue improvements to international NGSO rules. We will consider providing access to more spectrum to enable the delivery of higher speed satellite broadband services to more businesses and people.
  • Earth observation and navigation – In light of increased spectrum use by the space sector we will make sure there is appropriate protection from harmful interference for Earth observation satellites and the UK Earth stations that support them. We want them to continue benefitting sectors such as agriculture, emergency services, climate monitoring and weather forecasting while allowing other services to access spectrum.
  • Understanding and enabling access to space – Given the rapidly rising numbers of satellites in orbit, we will play our role in supporting the bodies responsible for addressing issues such as space debris and safe access to space; for example, by considering spectrum access requirements for radars to track objects in space.

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