Statement: Request to vary the licensed area of the Winchester small-scale radio multiplex

  • Start: 02 January 2024
  • Status: Statement published
  • End: 30 January 2024

Statement published: 7 February 2024

This statement sets out Ofcom’s decision on a request to change the area to be served by the Winchester small-scale radio multiplex service. A radio multiplex service is the means by which DAB digital radio stations are broadcast.

Ofcom is required to consult before deciding whether to agree to such a request. We did so in a consultation that closed on 30 January 2024, and our decision takes account of consultation responses received.

The decision we have taken and our reasoning are set out in the below statement.

Main documents

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Responder name Type
Better Media (PDF File, 86.4 KB) Organisation
Bristol Digital Radio CIC (PDF File, 85.4 KB) Organisation
MuxNet UK Ltd (PDF File, 109.9 KB) Organisation
Name withheld 1 (PDF File, 82.4 KB) Individual
Outreach Radio (PDF File, 84.4 KB) Organisation
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