Our international online safety work

Cyhoeddwyd: 9 Tachwedd 2023

Ofcom is the UK’s independent communications regulator. Part of this role is to regulate compliance with the Online Safety Act and the Video Sharing Platform Framework.

We work internationally to:

  • ensure our approach is coherent and compatible with other international approaches (where appropriate and possible);
  • shape global conversations around online safety, sharing our evidence, experience and expertise;
  • promote Ofcom’s vision for independent, agency-led regulation, while also protecting freedom of expression; and
  • enhance Ofcom’s internal policy development, by equipping teams with best practices and insights from around the world.

International collaboration

Ofcom is actively involved in several international forums and networks focused on online safety. We want to learn from, and share regulatory experiences with the global community that is developing online safety policy.

Our proactive engagement includes:

  • attending bilateral meetings with other regulators;
  • taking part in multilateral and multistakeholder initiatives and processes; and
  • speaking at international conferences.

Find out more

You can read more about some of our main regulatory networks, and how they enhance online safety internationally:

Contact the team

If you’d like to find out more about our international online safety work, or request a speaker, meeting or visit, then please contact us at ofcom.international@ofcom.org.uk

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