Telecoms Access Review 2026

Cyhoeddwyd: 26 Mawrth 2024

This is our review of the regulations that will apply to the UK fixed telecoms markets from April 2026 until March 2031.

The review seeks to ensure that the UK’s broadband infrastructure is fit for the future and will aim to set the right environment to promote competition and investment in gigabit-capable broadband, to deliver better services and more choice to consumers.

Since the conclusion of our last review in 2021 (the WFTMR), Openreach and many other companies have continued to invest in new gigabit-capable networks. Gigabit-capable broadband is now available to more than 23.2 million homes (78% of the UK), and more than 17.1 million homes (57%) can access full-fibre broadband.

We expect to publish our main consultation on proposals for changes to regulation early next year, with a view to publishing our final decisions in early 2026.

Read the review document setting out our approach and timetable to the TAR 2026 (PDF, 299.8 KB)

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