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Investigation into Telefonica UK Limited’s (O2’s) compliance with section 135 information requests

12 January 2022

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Ymchwiliad i Telefonica UK Limited (O2)
Achos wedi’i agor 13 December 2019
Case closed 1 December 2021

This investigation examined whether O2 had complied with two statutory information requests issued by Ofcom in relation to an investigation into metering and billing requirements. Specifically, the investigation considered whether O2’s responses to information requests were complete, accurate and on time.

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Section 135 of the Communications Act 2003

Ofcom has today published a non-confidential version of the confirmation decision issued to Telefónica UK Limited (trading as O2) on 1 December 2021:

Non-confidential Confirmation Decision served on Telefónica UK Limited (trading as O2) (PDF, 934.5 KB)

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