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Ofcom's responses to international consultations

Date Title of consultation & Requestor Sector Ofcom Response
Jun 2016 Ofcom response to the European Commission public consultation on the review of the 2009 Termination Rates Recommendation Telecoms PDF
Dec 2015 Response to the European Commission’s Consultation on the Regulatory Environment for Platforms, Online Intermediaries, Data, Cloud Computing and the Collaborative Economy Content PDF
Dec 2015 Ofcom response to the Consultation on the Priority ICT Standards Plan Content PDF
Dec 2015 Ofcom response to European Commission public consultation on the review of the regulatory framework Content PDF
Oct 2015 Ofcom response to European Commission Consultation on the AVMS Directive Content PDF
Jan 2014 Ofcom Response to the UK Government Review of the Balance of Competences Between the United Kingdom and the European Union Content PDF
Sep 2013 Ofcom response to the European Commission Green Paper: Preparing for a Fully Converged Audiovisual World: Growth, Creation and Values Content PDF
June 2013 Ofcom response to European Commission consultation on the Independence of Audiovisual Regulators Content PDF
March 2013 Ofcom and DCMS response to European Commission questionnaire on the promotion of European Works on VOD services Content PDF
Oct 2012 Public consultation on specific aspects of transparency, traffic management and switching in an Open Internet / EC Telecoms PDF
Sep 2012 Issues for discussion regarding the update of the Commission interpretative communication on certain aspects of the provisions on televised advertising in the ‘Television without frontiers’ Directive/EC Content PDF
Nov 2011 Green Paper on the online distribution of audiovisual works in the European Union: opportunities and challenges towards a digital single market / EC Content PDF
Oct 2011 Draft ECC//DEC/(12)AA on exemption from individual licensing and free circulation and use of terrestrial and satellite mobile terminals  operating under the control of networks / CEPT Spectrum PDF
March 2011 The use of Alternative Dispute Resolution as a means to resolve disputes related to commercial transactions and practices in the European Union / EC Telecoms PDF
Feb 2011 Future harmonisation of numbering resources for the provision of business services / EC Telecoms PDF
May 2010 Universal Service Principles in e-Communications / EC Telecoms PDF
Oct 2009 A harmonised methodology for consumer complaints and enquiries / EC Telecoms PDF
Oct 2009 Post i2010: Priorities for new strategy for European Information Society / EC All PDF
July 2009 Revised draft Recommendation on regulated access to Next Generation Access networks / EC Telecoms PDF
Nov 2008 EU Consultation on proposals for a revised regulatory framework for electronic communications networks and services / EC All PDF
March 2008 State aid rules to public service broadcasting / EC Content PDF
July 2006 Online Content in the Single Market / EC Content PDF