Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

Planned timetable for the re-advertisement of local analogue commercial radio licences

10 Chwefror 2020

Licence area Station name Expiry date of existing licence Licence 'pre-advertisement'1 Licence re-advertisement (if required)2
AylesburyMix 9614 April 2021February 2020March 2020
East Lancashire*Asian Sound Radio2 June 2021April 2020May 2020
Solent*Wave 10513 June 2021April 2020May 2020
HarrogateStray FM3 July 2021May 2020June 2020
Tyne and Wear*Greatest Hits Radio14 July 2021May 2020June 2020
Tyne and Wear*Metro Radio14 July 2021May 2020June 2020
Brighton/Eastbourne and Hastings*Smooth Radio28 August 2021June 2020July 2020
Brighton/Eastbourne and Hastings*Heart28 August 2021June 2020July 2020
RugbyRugby FM30 August 2021June 2020July 2020
Stoke-on-Trent*Signal 14 September 2021July 2020August 2020
Stoke-on-Trent*Signal 24 September 2021July 2020August 2020
North West England*Heart7 September 2021July 2020August 2020
Swansea*The Wave29 September 2021July 2020August 2020
Swansea*Swansea Sound29 September 2021July 2020August 2020
South Yorkshire*Hallam FM30 September 2021July 2020August 2020
South Yorkshire*Greatest Hits Radio30 September 2021July 2020August 2020
Merseyside*Radio City Talk20 October 2021August 2020September 2020
Merseyside*Radio City20 October 2021August 2020September 2020

* Each of these licences currently qualifies for renewal under the Broadcasting Act 1990 and thus may not be pre-advertised.

The dates in the above table (apart from the expiry date of the existing licence) are subject to revision, as circumstances dictate.

In accordance with Ofcom's published policy (PDF, 252.0 KB), any licence whose existing holder does not commit to maintaining its current Format will be fully re-advertised in accordance with the above timetable.


1. Licence 'pre-advertisement' involves Ofcom inviting declarations of intent to apply for the licence. A declaration of intent must be accompanied by a cash deposit. If no declaration of intent is received from anyone except the existing licensee, Ofcom can proceed with a 'fast track' re-licensing of the existing licensee. If more than one declaration of intent is received, the licence will be re-advertised.

2. There will be at least a three month period between advertisement date and closing date for applications.