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Online Licensing Services

30 Ionawr 2017

To Access the Ofcom Online  Licensing Services User Guide please click here (PDF, 476.6 KB).

What am I able to do online?

  • Apply, pay for and issue licences for the following:
    Business Radio Simple UK Licences
    Business Radio Simple Site Licences
    Business Radio Suppliers Light Licences
    Coastal Station Radio Training School Licences
  • Surrender the above licences
  • Manage your contacts for all licence types

What am I not able to do online?

  • Apply for or surrender any other type of Business  Radio licence
  • Trade licences
  • Update company details

How do I register?

  1. Click the following link
  2. Select “Register as a new user”
  3. Complete all fields then click “Register”
  4. Check your inbox for the email containing a “set your  password” link
  5. Click the link and set your password

What if a user with my email address already exists?

An email address can only  be registered once.

We are aware that some  licensees currently use the same email address for multiple accounts.  In this case we recommend you change your  email address with Spectrum Licensing before completing the registration  process.

Send your request to with the subject of “Change of email for registration”.

How do I manage my contacts online?

Visit the Manage my contacts online guidance page.