Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

Audio Distribution

ADS is intended for the transmission of audio content for direct reception within a small defined area, typically a sports stadium or conference hall. This will permit the "broadcasting" to closed user groups of material such as a referee's comments, or conference translations, or audio descriptions for the visually impaired; in situations where other means are not suitable.

ADS can use frequencies within the existing PMSE band 60.75 - 62.75 MHz, but on a secondary basis to PMSE users.

You can now book the preferred ADS frequencies below using our online tools:

61.200 MHz
61.700 MHz
62.300 MHz
62.700 MHz

Alternatively send our in-house team an application form for an ADS licence

Download a specimen licence (pdf)

In addition, with immediate affect ADS WT Act licences issued by pmse state clearly that the licensee must also be in possession of a valid ADS-RSL Broadcasting Act licence.

Application forms and guidance are available on Ofcom's website. For further guidance on the ADS-RSL Broadcasting Act Licence contact

Excluded Events

Because of the need to protect the primary programme-making service, ADS will not be available at the following events. This list will be updated from time to time as required.

  • The Formula One British Grand Prix
  • The Cheltenham Gold Cup meeting
  • The Open Golf Championship
  • All other major golf events

To check whether a specific event may be included in the last category, please send an email with details of the event you are considering to

Fees (per 50 kHz bandwidth unless stated)

Band Up to 31 days Annual
26 - 65 MHz £56 £672
65 - 470 MHz £172 £2064
470 - 1000 MHz £56 £672
1517 - 1525 MHz £120 per 0.5 MHz £1440