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These documents set out a high-level analysis of the availability of communications services in the UK, and in UK cities.

In May 2013, Ofcom published a report on the Availability of Communications Services Across the UK,1 which focused on the differences between urban and rural areas, particularly in the nations.

The 2014 report showed that there were still significant gaps in the availability of standard and superfast broadband services in sample UK cities, and proposed a range of possible explanations for this.

The 2015 report updates that analysis using 3G coverage data for 2015, and also extend it to consider 4G coverage.


Economic geography 2015: An analysis of the determinants of 3G and 4G coverage in the UK  Dec 2015


Availability of communications services in UK cities (2 pdfs)  Jun 2014


The availability of communications services in the UK (English + Welsh pdfs) May 2013